Watering Established Vegetation….The Big Test

Water efficient irrigation does not end with construction.  Changing your irrigation controller is an important part of reducing your landscape water use.

The watering schedule below will help save water, time and money.

Your drip irrigation system should run a minimum of 2 hours each time to ensure the proper water depth is reached.  Let the drip system run for 8 to 10 hours after every seventh watering.  This removes the salts that build up around the plants root system.  Check the plant material for signs of stress to further fine tune your irrigation schedule.

Cacti need supplemental watering during the first three months after planting.  Apply water with a hose once a month for the first three months or when the parts begin to droop.  Cacti require no additional water after they have become established, except for long periods of hot and dry weather.

Watering Frequency
May – Oct.
Oct. – Dec.
Dec. – Mar.
Mar. – May
Trees Every 5-7 Days Every 14 Days Every 30 Days Every 21 Days
Shrubs Every 3-4 Days Every 10 Days Every 25 Days Every 10 Days
Annuals Daily Every 3 Days Every  7 Days Every 3 Days
Succulents 7-30 Days Monthly If Needed Monthly
Overseeded Lawn None Every 3-5 Days Every 5-7 Days None
Lawn Every 2-3 Days Every 7 Days Every 15 Days Every 7 Days

Additional watering may be required during long periods of hot and dry weather.
Drip Run Time: 2 hours minimum each watering period.

Information courtesy of City of Mesa Water Conservation Office

For more informative answers to questions contact the University of Arizona, Maricopa County, Cooperative Extension Service at (602) 470-8086.