Everyone’s Benefit

  • Do not stake trees unnecessarily.  If staking is required, use two stakes only.  Place them outside the root ball and irrigation well at right angles to the prevailing wind.  Make sure stakes penetrate undisturbed soil at least 6 inches.
  • To determine tie height, hold trunk with one hand and bend canopy to one side.  If canopy does not return to an upright position, move up trunk and try again.  Find lowest point on trunk at which the canopy will return to an upright position.  Place ties 6 inches above this point.  Use one set of ties only.
  • Protect trunk from tie wire by enclosing the wires in garden hose.  The garden hose should be just long enough to loop around the trunk.  Twist wires to keep the garden hose from moving along the wire.  The trunk should not move inside the garden hose loop.
  • Fasten wires to stake so the cut ends are between the stake and the tree, not exposed on the outside of the stake.  Twist wires to tighten.  There should be enough slack to allow the trunk and garden hose to move as a unit.
  • Cut the stakes off below the canopy to prevent wounds to branches.
  • Inspect and loosen wires periodically as the tree grows.  Remove stakes as soon as possible.

Information courtesy of University of Arizona Cooperative Extension