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Quinntana Associates, its plain and simple. A small group of Landscape Craftsman, Artisans, Designers, who have derived from the old school customs. Preserving nature as it was intended to be. Creating crying yellows, raining greens, and brilliant blues for the perfect back drops of warm, timeless, themes of Architectural Landscapes. Concentrating on every positive detail.

From the first initial contact we generate accurate information for our clients to better understand the why, how’s, where, and when’s. From our point of view there should be one or two correct answers to every Landscape question. Our information is gathered through years of experience, research, and from trusted old timers in their perspective fields of study. Valley nursery growers, sod farmers, stone and brick masons, local citrus growers and extension agents.

The Truth Hurts

Throughout our twenty nine years of existence we contribute our success and achievements through our hard work and dedication. We can say we are respected leaders in the Landscape industry. We are critically acclaimed and award winning. Our affiliation to Landscape organizations and societies has made our peers recognize Quinntana Associates as exceptional role models.

  • 2004 City of Tempe Beautification Award Recipient (Dan Residence)
  • 2003 Publication in National Landscape Contractor and Specifier News
    (Challenges Overcome in Hardscaping Project) (Volume 6, Number 7)
  • 2001 Awarded Speaker’s Bureau Star University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
  • Awarded Arizona Landscape Contractor (ALCA) 1997
  • Certified Master Gardener

Quinntana Associates is a member of the following organizations:

  • State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors
  • Arizona Landscape Contractors Association
  • Arizona Desert Botanical Garden
  • Valley Permaculture Alliance
  • The Project Green Team 501C3